Elon Call to Honor Ceremony

By Connor Cavanaugh

Students from the class of 2017 have joined their peers in affirming their commitment to themselves and their university for the next four years, and beyond.

Elon University held it’s 8th annual Call to Honor ceremony on September 12th in the academic pavilion, affirming first-year students’ commitment to the Elon values of responsibility, respect, honesty, and integrity.

tree planting

The first of 125 trees to be planted around Elon is placed in the academic pavilion.
Photo by Connor Cavanaugh

“As Elon students, we are bound by responsibility, respect, honesty, and integrity,” said SGA President Welsford Bishopric as dozens of students continued to stream into the ceremony. The theme of being bound in the Elon community was a key idea each of the speakers touched upon.

Throughout the ceremony the president of each class spoke about each of the 4 values of the University.

“Responsibility can be one of the hardest values to uphold at college,” said Connor O’Donnell, Senior Class President, “but I know you can uphold this pillar throughout your four years at Elon.”

Speaking on the pillar of respect, Junior Class President Sarah Paille-Jansa said, “You have to know, respect and value yourself before you an fully be respected by others. Your relationship with yourself is the longest one you’ll ever have.”

“When you make commitments, stick to them,” said Sophomore Class President Alex Bohannon. “When you practice honesty, others will come to see you as a person who can be trusted and relied upon.”

Finally, newly elected First-Year Class President Fred Suppes spoke on the pillar of integrity saying, “Nothing is more valuable to our sense of who we are than our integrity . . . Because we have a strong personal commitment to high moral and ethical standards, we bring strength to our university community.”

The program was closed with a singing of the Alma Mater, led by sophomore Madeline Wise, and a reading of the honor pledge led by President Lambert.

After the ceremony, members of SGA and Elon administration planted the Tree of Values in the academic quad. This was the first of 125 trees to be planted around Elon, in honor of the university’s 125th anniversary.

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