‘Drum Wars’ Waged at Elon

By Connor Cavanaugh

“It’s pronounced ‘A-puh-see,'”said Carmine. “My brother is an idiot, it’s pronounced ‘A-peace,'”said Vinny.

On Thursday, September 12th, brothers Vinny and Carmine Appice brought their legendary drumming prowess to Elon University’s McCrary Theater for a night filled with heavy rock beats and gut-busting drum solos.

Brothers Vinny (left) and Carmine (right) in the midst of a heated drum battle. Photo by Connor Cavanaugh

Brothers Vinny (left) and Carmine (right) in the midst of a heated drum battle.
Photo by Connor Cavanaugh

Born 11 years apart, Vinny and Carmine both found success throughout the ‘70’s and ‘80’s as drummers for popular music acts such as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart, Dio, Black Sabbath, and John Lennon. After years of taking a back seat in bands, the brothers created the Drum Wars tour as a way to showcase their unique talents at the center of the audience’s attention.

The Appice brothers transformed McCrary Theatre into a rock n’ roll venue, with smoke machines, purple lit light scaffolding and monstrous drums and amplifiers filling the stage. “I’ve never seen McCrary like that before,” said Sophomore Margret Bryant. “They totally changed the atmosphere and it made the show way better.”

A band of Elon professors and one student opened the night with a trio of Led Zeppelin tunes, highlighted by Sophomore guitarist Jack Garno’s piercing solos and Dr. Jim Roberts’ extended drum solo during the song Moby Dick. After a 10 minute break, the Drum Wars began.

Like a real rock show, the Appice’s asked the crowd to move from their seats to stand right in front of the stage, directions which only a third of the audience heeded.

The brothers show varied throughout the night, starting with a dueling drum solo and followed by the drummers taking turns playing hit songs from their past bands, with the assistance of a backing band. Among the songs played were favorites like “Crazy Train,” “Holy Diver,” and “Bark at the Moon.” Additionally, each Appice brother played their own drum solo, prompting raucous crowd reactions.

“The performance showcased two extremely talented drummers,” said Sophomore Madeline Wise, “but the overbearing lead singer slightly lowered my overall impression of the show.”

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