Elon University’s Colonnades Dining Hall receives low B on sanitation score


The sanitation score of 82 hangs at the entrance of Colonnades Dining Hall.
Photo by Connor Cavanaugh

Connor Cavanaugh

Imagine you are handed back a test and you have received an 82. You may be content, but it isn’t something you would want to put on the refrigerator.

Elon University’s Colonnades dining hall received a sanitation score of 82 from the North Carolina Public Health Inspectors this week, a rating that must be displayed at the entrance of the dining hall. Violations included employees not properly washing their hands, improper hot and cold holding temperatures, mold buildup in an ice machine, as well as other unsanitary practices.

The inspector documented an employee who “dropped a knife on the floor, picked knife up and continued with food handling duties without washing hands.”

Additionally, the inspector found “a rack full of all different foods from Grill Room were all date marked and past the 4 day hold time . . .one bag of leaf lettuce was on day 9; all of these foods were discarded during the inspection.”

The low sanitation score may affect student traffic through the dining hall, with a number of other options on campus.

“[The score] won’t affect how often I go to colonnades because I know they’re gonna step their game up and fix it soon,” said sophomore Tyler Lehman.

“[The low score] probably won’t prevent me from going there again sometime in the future,” said junior Kyle Stewart. “But if I find myself there it will probably be because I had limited options.”

Other students were not surprised by the score the dining hall received, due to poor experiences there in the past.

“I didn’t have to know about its 82 sanitation grade to know that it’s sub par,” said junior Travis Elliot. “The quality of the food speaks worlds about the quality of that dining hall compared to others on campus.”

Colonnades dining hall will have a chance to improve the sanitation score when the inspector returns on September 27th.

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