Elon University hosts ‘Techtonic Plates’ event

Connor Cavanaugh

UNC School of Medicine technician Erica Schenhals will be speaking at Fat Frogg Bar and Grill for the Techtonic Plates event “Oxytocin: The love hormone” on Oct. 8 at 7 p.m.

“Oxytocin is commonly known as the love, trust, or cuddle hormone,” said Schenhals, “It receives much attention in the media and can even be purchased online as a nasal spray.”

Schenhals will discuss her experience with the hormone.

“I will discuss a bit about oxytocin itself, the reason I became interested in the hormone, why I decided to study its effects on the immune system, and a bit about my research itself,” said Schenhals. “Not too heavy on results, but more about my journey through research.”

Techtonic Plates events were started in February 2012 by Dave Gammon, an associate professor of biology who was inspired by “NOVA” and The Scientific Research Society to hold a free event, free of technical jargon. The monthly events have brought between 25 and 40 attendees, and speakers have included the vice president of LabCorp as well as a political science professor from Elon exploring the science behind polling.

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