Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak speaks at Elon University’s Fall Convocation


Steve Wozniak next to president Leo Lambert on the convocation stage.
Photo by Connor Cavanaugh.

Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple Inc. and currently works as the chief scientist of Fusion-io, a computer hardware and software company based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Wozniak’s inventions and contributions to the advancement of the personal computer changed the world and brought about the microcomputer revolution.

5:01- “I think thats all, here’s our president, Leo,” said Wozniak

4:58- “I want machines to understand me,” said Wozniak.

4:57- “This machine read the ‘real’ internet,” said Wozniak about the iPhone. “Thats the key word, the ‘real’ internet.”

4:55- “He was designing products for people to use who didn’t know how to operate a computer,” said Wozniak. “That’s why the iPod was so successful and saved the company.”

4:53- “The strategy that saved our company was stretching out the Apple II sales as long as possible while we developed a new computer,” said Wozniak.

4:50- “We were expandable, and that’s why we won in the early days of computer,” said Wozniak, “and because we had the best computer.”

4:44- “We had the computer we knew would change the world in our garage,” said Wozniak. “‘Now that games are software, the whole world has changed’ I told Jobs.”

4:41- “You do the right things if you have common sense,” said Wozniak.

4:37- “That little guy that was never noticed would be the most important person at the company,” said Wozniak. “The social revolution was enabled by the technology.”

4:33- “He was like that kid in high school who didn’t get good grades, but had an incredible enthusiasm and passion for achieving things in life,” said Wozniak, speaking about Steve Jobs.

4:29- “Steve Jobs was not an engineer and he never wrote a program,” said Wozniak. “He worked a night shift at Atari because no one wanted to see him during the day.”

4:25- “Whoever though a game would be done on a television?” said Wozniak, describing the first time he saw the arcade game Pong.

4:22- “Every time I had a neat invention, Steve Jobs would say, ‘we can sell that,’ which I didn’t usually agree with,” said Wozniak.

4:17- “Whatever you do in life that is productive, make sure it is also fun,” said Wozniak.

4:14- “That became my goal in life; to make things simple,” said Wozniak. “It turns out that worked for a lot of people.”

4:13- “It turns out the smartest people in the world forget to lock doors,” said Wozniak. “I went down to SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator) every Sunday and was always able to get in and learn more about different kinds of computers.”

4:11- Wozniak describes how he designed a computer with just pen, paper and a book about the architecture of a computer.

4:08- “Adding that little specialness was something I always did throughout projects all through my life,” said Wozniak.

4:07- “We learned at a very young age, on our own, that a speaker is a microphone,” said Wozniak. “That is the best way of learning, the most meaningful way, when you find things out for yourself.”

4:01- “I grew up shy, and that forces you to be independent and self sufficient,” said Wozniak. “You have to believe in your own ideas.”

4:00- “We created total change in life, and people without our technology couldn’t function the same way,” said Wozniak.

3:57- “When I heard 125 years, I didn’t think about the length of time, I thought, ‘that’s five cubed,'” said Wozniak, prompting laughter from the audience.

3:56- Steve Wozniak steps to the podium.

3:53- At the prompting of professor Anderson, the entire audience holds up smart computing devices in honor of Wozniak.

3:51- Elon president Leo Lambert introduces professor Janna Anderson, who will introduce Steve Wozniak.

3:41- Convocation begins.

3:39- “Convocation will begin in two minutes,” a voice says over the public address system.

3:38- A completely full Alumni Gym audience await the beginning of the ceremony.

3:17- Alumni Gym is mostly full, with only seats in the upper balcony still available.

3:02- Organ processional music begins playing in Alumni Gym as ticket holders continue to fill the seats.

2:45- Doors open and attendees take their seats on the gym floor, and in the stadium seating.

2:30- A line begins to form outside the Alumni Gym.

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