Auburn stuns No. 1 Alabama in thrilling end to 78th Iron Bowl


This was the 78th meeting between Alabama and Auburn, known as the Iron Bowl. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Connor Cavanaugh

It was the game of the year. An Iron Bowl to remember.

No. 4 ranked Auburn scored two touchdowns in the final 32 seconds to upset No.1 Alabama in the final regular season game of the year.

With just 1 second left, Alabama attempted a 58-yard field goal, which would have won the game, only to come up short. Auburn’s Chris Davis was waiting in the end zone and caught the errant kick, returning it 109 yards for a touchdown as time expired to give Auburn the victory over previously undefeated Alabama.

After the game, a slew of football fans took to Twitter to trash the Alabama kicker, Cade Foster. In the game, Foster missed all three of his field goal attempts, including having one blocked in the final minutes by the Auburn defense. However, the kicker on the final play wasn’t Foster.


Alabama coach Nick Saban made the decision to attempt the 58-yard field goal that led to Auburn’s victory. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Alabama coach Nick Saban chose to have seldom used freshman kicker Adam Griffith attempt the potential game winner.

Still, this didn’t keep Twitter users from lashing out at Foster, tweeting death treats and profane insults at the senior kicker.

“The kicker who missed 3 field goals could have given them a handy lead, so I understand why the hate is directed at him,” said Elon University junior Travis Elliot. “It’s still not cool because no one taking to Twitter could have made and of those kicks.”

There was controversy over whether Saban should have let time expire and play for overtime.

“I understand why he went for the field goal,” said Bleacher Report writer Tyler Adams, “but it’s not often a backup kicker boots a 58 yarder. He could have thrown a Hail Mary or taken a knee and gone to overtime.”

Twitter users expressed their anger over Alabama's loss, targeting kicker Cade Foster.

Twitter users expressed their anger over Alabama’s loss, targeting kicker Cade Foster. There were far more profane tweets that will not be published on this site. Courtesy of Twitter.

However, despite the loss, Alabama still has a chance to win their third National Championship in a row due to the four-team playoff format new to college football this year. Alabama is now ranked No. 4, so if they win the rest of their games this year, they can be the BCS Champs.

“It was a tough loss to watch,” said Elon junior and Alabama native George Smith. “But there is still hope for them to win it all this year thanks to the new format.”

Auburn will play No. 5 Missouri in the SEC Title game on Saturday, Dec. 7.

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